Dialysis Drain Treatment

Are Your Dialysis Drains Causing Odors and Back Ups?

Dialysis Treatment Facilities have long been plagued by the accumulation of organic material and blockages in drains and floor sinks. The organic material is unsightly, emits strong and unpleasant odors, and denotes “unsanitary conditions.” Standard drain maintenance solutions are not effective due to the unique composition of organic material typically found in Dialysis Facilities. ElimiShield® Drain Treatment is a professional-strength, non-pathogenic bacterial and enzymatic treatment that will safely and quickly biodegrade organic material. The powerful formula will loosen organic material from sink and drain surfaces and allow them to be flushed away while eliminating drain odors and materials. Application is quick and easy. ElimiShield® Drain Treatment can be poured into the drains, directly applied to the material from a squeeze bottle or applied using an ElimiShield® Auto-Dosing System.

Waste accumulates in the pipes causing slow-flowing or clogged pipes.
Within days, ElimiShield® Drain Treatment begins to consume gunk, restoring flow to full capacity.

Consistent treatments will keep drains clean and trouble-free.



Triple-action formula delivers superior drain cleaning chemistry. Keeps drains flowing freely.
Proprietary surfactant and microbial technology. Eliminates or minimizes costly plumber visits.
Safe for most surfaces. Mild enzymatic formula effectively cleans without damage.
Uses only biodegradable surfactants. Eliminates odors generated from residual organic soils.
Low VOC’s for environmental and personal safety. Regular use removes embedded soils from around equipment, in corners and cracks.
Neutral pH. Deep cleaning for long-lasting odor control.
Contains no harsh, damaging solvents. Cleans effectively, yet it’s safer for users and the environment than harsh drain cleaners.
Easy to use, no-rinse formula. Contains no harsh, damaging solvents and will not harm plumbing.
Fresh, clean fragrance provides instant gratification while the product starts to work.

ElimiShield® Drain Treatment is an advanced drain cleaning technology consisting of a highly concentrated, non-pathogenic bacteria and enzyme formulation that digests grease and organic material that accumulates over time. Regular application also controls foul odors by inhibiting the biological production of odor-causing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and rancid fatty acids that result from septic or anaerobic environments. ElimiShield® Drain Treatment’s advanced biological ingredients and essential growth factors promote the rapid germination and growth of its microbial blend resulting in highly increased effectiveness.ElimiShield® Drain Treatment’s powerful formula contains over 550 billion cells per gallon (min. spec.). When introduced, its microbes immediately begin multiplying and digesting organic waste. ElimiShield® Drain Treatment application is easy – Simply dispense into drains and pipes at the end of the day or when drainage is at its lowest rate. In cases where grease and organic waste have spilled it can be easily sprayed under equipment and onto other hard-to-access areas. Through residual biological action, ElimiShield® Drain Treatment continues to clean long after the initial cleaning is done. The product works quickly, effectively, and will provide additional long-term benefits that are particularly appealing to users.


ElimiShield Dialysis Drain Treatment (1 Gallon) can be
administered to floor or wall box drains either manually or via
our ElimiShield Autodosing Pump when drainage is at its lowest rate.
ElimiShield Dialysis Drain Treatment continues to clean long after
the initial cleansing is done. The product works quickly,
effectively, and will provide additional long-term benefits that are
particularly appealing to patients and clinical staff.
The ElimiShield Autodosing Pump is for use in combination
with our ElimiShield Dialysis Drain Treatment to treat dialysis
drains in an easy, convenient manner. During the intervention
phase (21 days), program the pump to dose 6oz per day. For
continuing maintenance, re-program the pump to dose 3oz per
day. Program time to dose after heat disinfect is complete and
bicarb loop is rinsed. Do not dose on bleach disinfect days and Sundays.


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